Customer Parking

Parqking is the most convenient way to register or pay for parking. It’s fast and easy, with industry-leading mobile online registration or payments in under 30 seconds. No expensive hardware, time consuming registration or app to download.

1) Text Lot Code or visit PARKPASS.IO

We provide all the signage - simply hand them in your lots to direct parkers to your custom landing page.

2) Enter License Plate Number

Customers can enter their license plate or take a photo of the plate. It will be saved for their next visit.

3) Select Permit Duration

Lot owners can set custom permit durations including daily or weekly passes or passes with custom expirations.

4) Pay with CC or enter Guest Code

Customers pay with credit card, Apple Pay, Android Pay or use a Tenant guest code. We handle the payments and send money in under 48 hours.

Parking Enforcement

Parqking helps you take the guesswork out of enforcement. Using the Parqking Enforcement app, scan license plates in your lot using our mobile ALPR technology on your iPhone or ALPR cameras.

Mobile ALPR Scanning

With our iOS application you can use your iPhone's camera to walk your lot and scan license plates using Automated License Plate Recognition.

Camera ALPR Scanning

Parqking can help you install Automated License Plate Reading cameras at every entrance and exit of your parking lot to 100% automate your lot enforcement.

Parking Kiosk Integration

Parqking takes the hassle out of checking the lot. With live T2 integration, you can use our app to scan for mobile and kiosk payments.

Want to know the best part?

Parqking is FREE for lot owners!

We even provide you everything you need to get started.

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